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Radio Doudou


Radio Doudou is the first radio 100% aimed at the very young! The station broadcasts nursery rhymes, teaching songs and playlists suitable for your baby's schedule.


Radio Doudou is hosted by Radio King's radio server. It's a webradio that has a close relationship with its audience. It often organizes competitions with listeners and has managed to create a real "plushies community", as the station calls it, using messages and integrating Facebook comments directly onto its web site. Listeners can Tweet and can also vote for songs broadcast via Radio Doudou's Player Radio Pro.


And if you want your baby to listen to Radio Doudou before their nap, during their bath time or at any other time of the day, there is also the mobile application developed by Radio King.


Radio Doudou is a very innovative concept which is loved by parents and has also appeared in the French TV program, "Les Maternelles". You can see a video of the program here.



  • iPhone & Android app
  • Radio website
  • Pro Radio Player
  • Radio stream